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Top 5 targeting and marketing strategies with tips for increasing watch time

“My goal is to start a toy store. Now, where will you open it”? Around a school? NO!

Will the kid go out to the stores by himself?
In front of the child specialist! YES!
when a child is ill and the parents are sad. Parents will then experience emotional distress and purchase toys for their kids.
That is, it is necessary to do targeting before marketing

On the YouTube search engine, big brands, big movies, and Big Influencers appear first. Aside from the big brands and marketing companies, there are others who know how to advertise and think like you, including your competitors.

Watch time is the number one algorithm of online marketing. For the time being, know that how long a viewer stays on your video or website is called the “watch time.” There is already a video on the channel about this. You can go there and understand. Targeting means that the 100-500 views you get must be relevant to their lives.

Today, I’m going to share some pro tips to increase your watch time and some tips which reducing your watch time.

1. Check-in Analytics Which viewers are getting more watch time? Plan the following topics and keep that audience in mind.

2. Like, share, subscribe, and ask for all this within five seconds.

3. You can bring your video in series or parts. What will it be? Those who are repeat viewers and have already watched the video have a good chance of watching the next part. This helps a lot in getting watch time.

Why do you keep surprising your viewers by showing different types of videos? The singer also provides videos of dancing, food blogs, future and past predictions on the same YouTube channel. Do not confuse your viewers. YouTube brings money and popularity. he makes money, You make money, right? 

For this reason, you must have obtained some tools from YouTube. Check out the analytics that will help you grow.
  • Create a script and cut the video as many times as you want, but don’t let your audience get bored.

  • It doesn’t mean you can’t make a 1 hour video. An hour or a two hour video, but whatever you say in it should be interesting. It must be watchable and worthy. Otherwise end the video like I did when you’re done with the conversation.

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