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How Carryminati Became viral


There is no YouTube user in India who has not heard of CarryMinati.
With over 37+ million subscribers and a YouTube sensation, this young man has proven that nothing is impossible. CarryMinati is a popular Indian YouTuber who makes comedy roasts and rant videos.

The real man behind the name Carry Minati is Ajey Nagar. Born in Faridabad, India on 12 June 1999. He studied in Delhi Public School (DPS) Faridabad until 2016 before he dropped out of school.

He began his YouTube career at the age of ten in 2014. He has accomplished far too much in such a short period of time. Ajey’s life has had many ups and downs. He was the first person in India to introduce the concept of roasting.

Stealth Fearzz was the name of his first YouTube channel. He previously shared videos on this channel with gameplays, technical tutorials, and instructions for playing football, among other things.
Despite the fact that Channel wasn’t extremely successful, he learned a lot during that vital first phase.

He launched the channel CarryDeol after deciding to switch to better content. He liked to imitate celebrities and performers like Sunny Deol. During the Counter-Strike game, he also used to troll players. He quickly became aware of his talent for roasting and delivering the right response. People began to genuinely appreciate his skills after he published videos in which he responded to other videos. He has continued doing that ever since until now. Actually, roasting is what has shaped the person he is now.





Carry’s video of him roasting “BB ki vines” quickly became popular online. Making Money with BB Ki Vine was the title of the video. The pivotal moment in Ajey’s YouTube career was this video. His audience began to encourage him greatly. He modified his channel name once again to “CarryMinati.”

In 2020, his “YouTube v/s TikTok” YouTube video became popular. It contained material that ridiculed Amir Siddiqui, a popular TikTok user.

He has collaborated with MensXP, FilterCopy, Technical Guruji, Flying Beast, BeerBiceps and many more.



 “What will garner attention and when on a site like YouTube is always unpredictable. You need to keep working and have patience, among other things”.

“you should not expect success overnight. It does not happen in a few days”.

01. Choose a niche and being yourself and keep working

02. Make an effort to engage the audience

03. Enhance your content consistently

04. Age is simply a number; pursue your passion

05. Keep up with the YouTube algorithm

06. Intro Hook

07. High Energy

08. Affiliation with well-known YouTubers

09. Display creative talent, original content, and original delivery.

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